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Eternal Dress

Eternal Dress

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Introducing the "Eternal" Fitted Dress from HarpersBoutiq - where style meets unparalleled comfort! Crafted with an exquisite blend of 82% polyester and 18% spandex, this dress isn't just a garment; it's a statement, a manifesto of sophistication and allure.

Embrace the luxurious feel of our signature microfiber yarn, meticulously woven to caress your skin with unmatched smoothness. Weighing in at a mere 6.78 oz/yd² (230 g/m²), every inch of this masterpiece exudes elegance and grace, with a weight variance of just 5% ensuring consistent quality.

But what truly sets the "Eternal" apart is its revolutionary four-way stretch technology. Feel liberated as the fabric flexes and molds to your curves, enhancing your silhouette with an irresistible allure. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets or captivating a room with your presence, this dress moves with you, ensuring absolute comfort without compromising style.

So why settle for ordinary when you can adorn yourself in the extraordinary? Elevate your wardrobe with the "Eternal" Fitted Dress from HarpersBoutiq, and let your allure be eternalized with every step you take. Make a statement, and look absolutely fabulous - because you deserve nothing less.

Size guide

  CHEST (inches) WAIST (inches) HIP (inches)
XS 33 ⅛ 25 ¼ 35 ⅜
S 34 ⅝ 26 ¾ 37
M 36 ¼ 28 ⅜ 38 ⅝
L 39 ⅜ 31 ½ 41 ¾
XL 42 ½ 34 ⅝ 44 ⅞
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